Blockbuster to “end” late fees in 2005 – use Netflix :)

Blockbuster says it will end late fees in 2005, but the fine print tells you that if you are more than a week late, you "get" to buy the movie – i.e. you get charged for the movie.

May I take this as an opportunity for anyone who regularly rents movies to recommend a little company called Netflix? They even have RSS feeds to help you keep track of your queue, recommendations, etc. It’s not for everyone, but Aubrey loves not having to leave the house for a video, no late fees (really!), and a HUGE selection. I’m not sure I even see the need for something like CleanFlix anymore – there are enough good movies out there, why bother cleaning up rated R movies to watch them? We even get BBC TV Series on DVDs – like Monarch of the Glen – if only they’d hurry up and release season 3 (the BBC is already on season 5 or 6).

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