Drop In Bots Due To Windows XP SP2

Symantec is reporting that due to Windows XP SP2 there are fewer bot net port scans in the second half of 2004, with the biggest drop off occurring on the day of release of SP2. On the one hand I think it unfair to compare Windows XP pre-SP2 (released in 2001) to the security of recent builds of Linux or Mac OS X 10.3 (2004 versions) so they can claim Windows is insecure – but then on the other hand I’m amazed at all the people still running Windows XP pre-SP2 or with many of SP2’s security features turned off. What good does it do for Microsoft to improve security if people just disable it… or ignore it and continue to run the old versions. I guess if Microsoft charged for upgrades to SP2 like Apple did for OS X 10.3, then people would view it as valuable and actually upgrade? :).

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