Firefox not as secure as thought

CNET news is reporting how Firefox fans are trying to spin Firefox’s security problems. Security simply isn’t as easy as many pretend or imagine it is. I’m not trying to say IE is more secure than Firefox or other browsers – but I simply don’t buy the myth these other companies are implying that IE is insecure because MS isn’t trying and these other browsers are more secure simply because they do try and have feature X (pop-up blockers, lack of ActiveX, etc.). I mean, isn’t that what their arguments boil down to? That Microsoft just isn’t trying because what they are saying is that they, with just minimal effort, can produce a more secure product. Of course it turns out that they can’t, which maybe shines some light on why it’s so difficult for Microsoft as well. Security is tough!

Now I don’t have a problem with Firefox – it’s a great browser. But don’t install it simply because you think it’ll solve your spyware/security problems. It might be easier to use, more standards compliant, or maybe make you feel good that you are using one less Microsoft product, if you have a grudge against Microsoft. Or you might like tabbed browsing or think it looks good. But more secure? If you really want to be secure, run as a limited user.

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