Talking about AMY WENT TO FLORIDA!

 Hey, give us more info Amy/Colleen! Did you fly, drive?



You all need to get the low down of amy’s long long long weekend in Florida! YES! Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Temple, Hotel with her girlfriend and plenty of boys to keep them both happy! Living the life of a Beauty Queen she is being pampered to say the least! Love you amy!

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  1. Okay, so the girl I used to visit teach last block was looking for someone to drive her, in her car, down to the SLC airport so she could go to Florida. I said I could do it and would just stay in Provo and visit friends. She then said I should just go with her to Florida. She was going to see a friend and he was flying her out and paying for everything, I would just need to get a plane ticket. So I went! It was a lot of fun and a HUGE learning experience. Once we were on the plane headed out there Jenni started explaining everything. Evidently this ‘friend’ of hers had already said he wanted to take her ring shopping when he got back up here (Idaho) in January. Had I known they were practically engaged I probably wouldn’t have packed up and gone so quickly. But it was good for me to finally have reasons to never want to live on the East coast and especially NEVER want to raise my kids there. All the people I met and hung out with all week were LDS, but I didn’t know that until the last day we were there. Nobody dressed, acted, or talked like they were. I had a VERY similar experience on Sunday that Colleen did when she was in Boston. The beach was GROSS!!! It was fun, but the water is WAY too warm and salty! I HATE the humidity! I definately want to stay in California, or at least on the west coast. Anyways, I did have fun and got to go to Planet Hollywood, Disneyworld, Epcot, and Downtown Disney. As one of my friends here said about her weekend, ‘i wished it didn’t happen cause all the bad stuff, but i glad it did cause it was something i needed to experience.’ That pretty much sums up my week in Florida.

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