Mobile Phone Monkeys

Now before anyone takes offense, this article is referring to Japanese youth, who have a much higher mobile phone usage than others in general. But I think this professor has a point about mobile phones causing primate like behavior in Japanese.
"This ability to loiter on the streets exists only because of the proliferation of mobile phones. Parents let their kids go out because they think they’re only a phone call away. And even if the kid doesn’t come home, parents don’t call them because they believe the child’s mobile phone offers them an unbreakable link," Masataka tells Sapio. "Behind this imagined ease of mind, though, lies a breakdown in communications among the family members. Mobile phones have made it possible to connect to family members or other parts of society 24 hours a day, drastically changing the nature of relationships that humans have created through their evolution."
The problem is, Masataka notes, despite having this communication device, there’s little real communication going on with parents or children rarely calling each other.
Masataka adds that a tendency for the young to lash out in wild, unprovoked attacks also draws on primate instincts drawn out by over-use of mobile phones that have stopped people from speaking in favor of sending text messages and thus made them more emotional and unable to express their feelings in words.
"Apes will suddenly strike out at people for looking at them. Naturally, apes can’t talk and they’re expressing their emotions in the only way they can. People prone to rage are doing exactly the same thing," the primatologist says.

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  1. i would have to agree with some of his observations and interpretations. people in general are losing some of their communication abilities.

  2. I definitely agree. Not just youth, but all of us are too easily interrupted. I think it started with Television as compared to the theatre and then phones and then cell phones. We have a great deal of difficulty dealing with life if we are constantly interrupted. After all, sometimes the unreal world is more pleasant. At least when we are talking to some else, we can postpone reality.

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