I know this is very late in coming, but better late than never, right? We spent Thanksgiving at my parents in Gridley and had a wonderful time. Some highlights:

  • Grace, Luke, Brian buildling graham cracker "gingerbread" houses.
  • Going to the mountains and getting a Christmas Tree – very cold, but Grace and Luke loved it.
  • Grace & Luke really enjoyed sleeping with Aunts/Uncles

We were very sad to leave. It took us 15 hours to drive each way. The kids were great, but we simply took long stops. No matter how we tried to rush, there was no such thing as a 5 minute stops. Not sure what happened – in August when we drove down it only took us 13 hours.But on the way back and at Thanksgiving it took 15 hours. That’s an additional 2 hours of stops.

I guess the weather played a part of it – I had to put on chains on the way back. That may have cost 1 hour between time putting them on and off and driving slowly over the pass. Oh well.

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