What’s in your pocket?

So this post about the Jimi wallet got me thinking about what I put in my pockets again. I’m already pretty minimal – just my car keys (my other set of keys goes in my laptop bag). And even my wallet usually goes in my laptop bag. I do carry my bullet space pen (which I love). My moleskine stays in my bag most of the time, except when I’m wearing a suitcoat.


But my bag has become a problem. I was just getting pretty light again when a new calling and church untruded. I now have 2 think manuals, several thick stacks of paper printouts of information. Hmmm… I try to keep as much as possible on my laptop/smartphone, but there is still this huge stack of paper. I miss the days when I just had a PDA with the scriptures and that was the only thing I brought to church… Any ideas?

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