Net Neutrality

David Weiss posted a great description of Net Neutrality which explains why it’s important. I quote:
"The idea that my ISP (currently Verizon) could give priority to their VOIP services, their movie services and their web sites, while slowing or retarding the quality of other competing services seems repugnant to me and simply unfair"
If you think about it, when you subscribe, you are already paying for a certain level of service – 1.5 mbps or 3 mbps or whatever. The only way Verizon can make their VOIP service or movie service appear to go faster is to slow down everything else! What they are envisioning is taking your 1.5 mbps network and forcing your Google search or Google TV network traffice and slow it down to .5 mbps to make sure their movie traffic gets at least 1 mbps! And how does this benefit you?

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