Has Steve Jobs Lost His Magic?

Wired News asks if Has Steve Jobs Lost His Magic┬áin it’s "Cult of Mac" blog. It sure felt like it watching the video of Jobs’ keynote. Instead of seeing signs that Mac OS X is leaping ahead of Vista, we saw:

  1. Backup and Versioning – already in Vista. Of course Apple has done it with flair, but this is mostly trying not to fall behind on Apple’s part.
  2. Core Animation. Also already in Vista as near as I can tell – this is just Avalon. Or whatever it’s called these days. It’s in Vista.
  3. Search features – already in Vista. File extension filter, boolean operators. I’m suprised they weren’t already in Tiger.
  4. 64-bit. Already in Windows XP 64-bit edition. Of course they’ll have better driver support – they build the machines top to bottom. But it’s already there in Vista and it’s V2 instead of a V1 attempt.

They hinted that there were lot’s of suprises they’re saving, but I feel like I may have overestimated Apple. Still a very nice OS. Very far ahead of Windows XP and they are doing it the right way, small incremental releases that push hardware. So in that sense, I should be commending them for just doing a few things.

But this was their chance to show the world that they were cruising past Microsoft and Vista. And their banners all claimed that. Unfortunately, their products didn’t show it.

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