New iPods

Apple has released a new line-up of iPods, downloadable movies, and promises way to view them on TVs early next year – report at Engadget. Expect to be able to watch the video later today at Apple’s Event site.

The new iPods – nice improvements. Especially the Nano. Anyone notice no mention of video on Nano’s? Kind of weak, but the competition is still nowhere to be seen.

The new iTunes – finally. Can’t wait to finally get the album art.

The movies – maybe. I’ve been very out spoken in my disappointment in HDTV. Who cares! And at 640×480, they are claiming 30 minute downloads over a 5 mbps line. That’s livable. Maybe we’ll finally seen downloaded movies. Only concern? I don’t buy movies. I rent. I love Netflix. If I could get a Netflix movie using a 30 minute download, I’d love it.

The new iTV – overpriced and weak. As several mentioned, XBox 360 does all this, for about the same price, plus you get a game console.

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