Start-up demos quantum computer | CNET

Is this the first commercial quantum computer? And how soon before someone tries to use it to find private keys :). 

By the end of the year, however, D-Wave will have a 32-qubit system. It plans to begin to rent out time on its computers to corporate customers in the first quarter of next year, said CEO Herb Martin. Customer won’t have to learn special programming techniques or other tricks to take advantage of the service; sending a problem to D-Wave will be similar to outsourcing it to any other company. Later, D-Wave may lease or sell computers, Martin added.

By the second quarter of 2008, the company plans to have a 512-qubit system, and a 1,024-qubit system is expected by the end of that year.

Quantum computers, Martin emphasized, will not displace digital computers. Instead, they will serve as co-processors for large problems.

Source: Start-up demos quantum computer | CNET

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