iPhone Review Process

Link: iPhone Review Process

Joe Conway raises a lot of good points.

It seems like a lot of developers have become increasingly upset about the review process, but I wonder what the answer is –

  1. Drop all reviewing and let it all in?
  2. Review only for security issues?
  3. Just try to be more transparent?

I fear 3 isn’t enough at this point for the more vocal objectors. 2 might be a good compromise. 1 seems like a bad idea and run into the issues Joe describes. Love it or hate, I do attribute alot of the iPhones stability and great experience to the heavy handed approval process and lack of multi-process support for 3rd party apps.

Not that Apple is perfect, but they have tried harder than any competitor has in the past and been rewarded.

Interesting that no competitor has tried being more restrictive than Apple :).