Windows & Chrome OS

Paul Thurott says Microsoft’s Cloud is “too little, too late”. Randall Kennedy is saying Chrome will fail. Perhaps a little too much, too soon?

I don’t think they are comparable. Within Microsoft I’ve seen projects like Chrome OS. They are research projects – they never see the light of day, but they are done so when they start looking feasible or reasonable, they can be productized and we aren’t left flat footed.

Google just releases them. Wave, Go, Chrome OS – they look more like research projects. The difference – Microsoft sells software, Google sells ads.

Google doesn’t need to have the best software or even the right software. They just need interesting software so they can attract interest.

Microsoft doesn’t release it’s research projects because it’s laser focused on trying to match it’s software with the needs or desires of the market.

Now by releasing Chrome OS, Google may move software forward. It may not – Kennedy may be completely right and it will be a total flop. It won’t matter much to their shares as they didn’t invest much – but either way they’ll have learned a lot and attracted a ton of attention.

If Microsoft releases a failure of an operating system – well, Vista had an impact on revenues and shares, didn’t it ;).