iPhone 4 — the quandry

Watched Apples press conference yesterday about their antenna, and I believe them as to their findings and their intentions, but I personally still have a problem.

I love the design of the iPhone 4 — I would love to use without a case, but I can’t for 2 reasons Apple should have known before releasing:

  1. The antenna — it is an issue using it without a case.
  2. The glass back — I’ve heard from several people that have experienced the black glass plate shattering when the phone is dropped. I’ve heard it’s not made from the same glass as the front. And the steel antenna is going to absorb shock like some kind of plastic composite would, transferring all the force of the shock to the weakest part of the phone — apparently the glass back. I haven’t heard much in the press about this, but it’s an issue.

Thanks for the free case, but I can’t use a case and enjoy the steel and glass design. I can’t use a case and enjoy the slimmest smart phone on the market because it’ll make it bulker than many other phones without cases. Why even show the phone outside of case if you’ll have to put it in one to make a call or protect it from shattering if dropped.

Definitely a whine — I probably won’t return it. I love the display. I love the improved camera. But Apple can’t claim this is the thinnest smartphone anymore in my book. Or even the best looking — it depends on the case, so that’s now it’s image. Or are they going to compare it to a Blackberry’s internals only ;).

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