Mormon vs Mormon

Harry Reid’s comments recently about Mitt Romney and his tax history really bothers me. Not because I am for or against Romney, but for a much deeper reason. It means to me that one of those 2 men isn’t really living their religion.
I had hoped up until that point that Latter-Day Saints in politics could have differences in opinion about how best to run government and manage resources, but did so with pure intent and abiding by fundamentally the same morals.
But this call out by Reid is either some form of politically motivated mud slinging, or Romney isn’t being forthright with his past history. Neither is how a Latter-Day Saint should behave. I fear it is a sign that despite teachings to the contrary, Latter-Day Saints can be just as political as any other religion or non-religion. Of course my religion never taught that we were better than others, but it did teach that we should try to become our best selves. We have a long ways to go.

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